Grand Avenue Business Association 2020 Kick Off

You’re invited!

We’re looking forward to meeting our board and committee members at the 2020 Kickoff Meeting later this month. We want to get you up to date with all our recent plans for Grand Avenue and kick off planning for Grand Old Day 2020. We’ve made some changes and have some new plans to make this year’s Grand Old Day a return to the business and community driven event we love.

We’re excited to tell you how we plan to provide year-round support of your Grand Avenue businesses and kick off a new Grand Old Day. 

Bob Lawrence


Membership Committee

Now is the time to sign up or renew your membership for 2020! You can register at https://grandave.com/membership-registration-2020/, pay online via credit card right away, or you can opt to receive a January Invoice. In addition to signing up, please make sure that we have your logo, website, and social media information. Keep an eye out for an invitation to the GABA Members Facebook group if you are not already a member.

If you have someone on your team who handles marketing and social media, please let us know who they are and how to reach them. You can do that in the business description field of the form or email info@grandave.com

We want your brags! Does your business have an anniversary this year? Expanding? New partner or manager? Do you offer classes? Are you bringing in a speaker or workshop? Did you fill your coffee shop with sand and call it a beach party? Let us know by emailing info@grandave.com so that we can amplify your Facebook and Instagram posts and mention it on our Facebook group site and let the world know through our public channels.

Scott Fares

Membership Committee Chair/Vice President


Thanks to the success of Grand Old Day and the board’s close attention to the association’s finances, GABA will end the year in a financially better position compared to last year. Now we’re inviting you to join the association or renew your GABA membership. Your membership dues will contribute to the association’s marketing efforts and help cover the association’s operating costs as we move into the new year.  

Thank you to the handful of businesses who prepaid their membership and to the others who committed to pay dues in early January. If you would like to prepay your 2020 membership or commit to renewing your membership in January, please email the office at info@grandave.com 

I’m always happy to answer any GABA financial questions for member businesses. If you have questions or would like more information, please reach out to me at treasurer@grandave.com.

Holly Weinkauf


Grand Old Day Committee

Our goal for this year’s Grand Old Day is to approach the whole day with the thought being, “What is the best way to promote all of our members?” The new board feels it has become too much of a mini state fair event and less about the Avenue. We are planning on making the parade much more of a must-see spectacle than a long line of political propaganda. We will put a focus on what can be done to get the west end of Grand more benefits out of the day. We are going to make sure all the businesses on the Avenue have first shot at sponsorship before going to outside of Grand vendors. There will be an all food and beverage meeting to get input on having the avenues great eatery’s sell food on the street and reduce the fair food vendors. We are going to give suggestions to businesses that want to get involved but don’t know how. The Grand Old Day committee will be meeting on the first Wednesday of every month at 10:30 at the GABA office. All are welcome. It will take the whole Avenue working together to refresh this tradition. Please feel free to email me at peter.kenefick@ubs.com with questions or comments.

Peter Kenefick

Grand Old Day Chair 

Events Committee

The Events committee continues to meet on the first Thursday of the month at 2:00 pm at the Grand Avenue Business Association office.  

The 2019 Grand Meander, which occurred on December 7th, was a great success. Activities were plentiful with much to enjoy up and down the Avenue. Ten businesses competed in our annual soup tasting contest. Santa stopped at multiple locations up and down the Avenue. The Minnesota Wild sponsored rides on a free Trolley with Nordy from 10 am to 4 pm, posing for pictures with tots and adults alike. The Vulcan’s returned to Dixies with their fire truck rides along with our annual Petting Zoo at Fratallone’s The Craft fair at St. Paul United Church and Art at Ramsey brought many guests to our historic main street. At the same time, a new pop-up event at Macalester College engaged guests and provided witness to a giant Black Bear puppet meandering the Avenue. Over 54 Grand Avenue businesses participated in this wonderful stroll down the Avenue complete with Victorian Singers and performances by the Minnesota Boys Choir.  

PAWS on Grand 2019 was a huge success with well over 7,000 guests walking their four-legged furry family members. We had seven non-profit rescue groups present on the Avenue and facilitated the adoption of around eight pups/dogs along with promoting the fostering of numerous others. We are beginning the planning of PAWS 2020 and would welcome our pet Grand Avenue businesses to join us for a special planning meeting in early January 9th at 2:00 pm in the GABA office. PAWS 2020 will occur on Sunday, August 9th.  

We are also exploring adding an event for Q1 2021. We welcome your ideas and creativity to plan a new event that helps bring people to the Avenue and drive increase business for all on Grand.

Brian Wagner

Events Committee Chair/Secretary