JUNE 2ND, 2019


Is it Grand Old Day or Grand Old Day Anyway?

This year’s event is Grand Old Day 2019. After being cancelled it was un-cancelled in large part because the Grand Old Day Anyway movement secured the volunteer and organizational support that had previously prevented the Grand Avenue Business Association (GABA) from reaching out to sponsors in good faith. Grand Old Day Anyway is organizing additional activities and recruiting volunteers.With the help of sponsors, vendors and the assistance of Grand Old Day Anyway, the Grand Avenue Business Association is going ahead with the originally planned event. During Grand Old Day you will be able to enjoy new Grand Old Day Anyway activities along with all the regular fun things you’ve come to expect from Grand Old Day.

What about the Gofundme page?

The Gofundme page was started by and is managed by the organizers of Grand Old Day Anyway.  Now that the GABA has secured the needed sponsorships for Grand Old Day, the money raised on the Grand Old Day Anyway Gofundme page will be used by Grand Old Day Anyway to fund the activities they have planned for Grand Old Day.

Is the Parade is happening?

Yes!  The day will start off with a parade going from Dale to Fairview. It starts at 9:30 AM

Will there be vendors and activities like always?

Yes, all the registered vendors were contacted immediately when the event was un-cancelled and most intend to be there. Any vendors who will not plan to be there will receive a refund of their vendor fee.

Do I have to buy a wristband to attend Grand Old Day?

Only if you want access to the Beer Gardens.  All other Grand Old Day activities are free and do not require a wrist band. Wristbands can be purchased online at Grand Old Day Wristband Sales.  Prices are $8 thru June 1st.  After that date wristband prices are $10.  You will need to provide an ID to pick up your wristband or purchase one on the day of the event.

Is the  Bar Crawl happening?

Yes, it will be going on during Grand Old Day and participating bars are organizing that as a separate event.  More details available here::

Will this event have security?

Yes. The Grand Avenue Business Association and the City of St Paul have ensured that this year’s event will have the same level of security as previous years. Similarly for EMT services, trash, and recycling.

How do I sign up to volunteer?

Please contact

How do I become a sponsor?

Please contact

I thought the event was canceled.  What changed?

On April 22nd the GABA board canceled the event and let go of the staff involved because they had learned the previous week that with only 5 weeks to go the event planning was way behind what had been reported previously. There were insufficient volunteers, few sponsorships had been secured, and many key agreements for police, trash and vendors had not been finalized. After exploring options to scale back the event and renegotiate contracts, and in consultation with several previous GABA Board presidents it was unanimously decided to cancel because of the liability of asking sponsors for any money knowing that the event was unable to proceed. Members, vendors, and the community were immediately notified.

There was a meeting on the following Monday to review the decision with member and non-member businesses on the avenue and discuss the future of the organization. The Grand Old Day Anyway organizers, Andy Rodriguez and Ashley LeMay, announced that they had secured the volunteer and logistical support needed and would be starting a page to try and make some version of Grand Old Day happen. By Thursday evening the GABA board had secured enough new sponsor funding to un-cancel and move forward with Grand Old Day 2019.

I thought you said it was canceled to keep things “fresh?”

We might have also said to keep it “viable’’ for 2020. In retrospect, that would have been better.

What is GABA?

The Grand Avenue Business Association is an independent 501c6 organization that promotes businesses on Grand Avenue and has been the host of Grand Old Day since the event started in 1973. Other sponsored events include Paws on Grand, Grand Meander, and BooBash. There are currently 62 member businesses and a volunteer board of directors that includes member businesses and representatives from the Summit Hill Association and the Mac-Groveland Neighborhood Association.

Where did all the money go?

Grand Old Day costs about $195,000 and hosts about 200,000 people. Revenue to GABA comes from beer garden wristband sales and vendor fees. At one time there was additional income from food tickets that were used to purchase from vendors but those were abandoned after two profitable years because they were wildly unpopular with both vendors and attendees.

The GABA organization is funded by member dues and Grand Old Day profits. As Grand Old Day costs for things like security and waste management have increased, the profits have not. Reduced net revenue, combined with a decrease in membership dues, have not been sufficient to fund annual GABA staff and operations. A surplus from the most profitable years of Grand Old Day earlier this decade has been depleted over the last eight years.

Did Mayor Carter cancel this event?

No. The GABA Board did. The Mayor and Councilpersons Chris Tolbert and Rebecca Nocker have been important contributors to the un-cancelling of Grand Old Day 2019.

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