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Not the typical therapy experience.

Invigorate Life Counseling, pllc is comprised of a group of collaborating therapists whose diverse expertise and shared passion for what they do create a positive and inclusive experience. Our warm, open-minded style can be felt in the approach each therapist takes in the office space, which has been specifically designed to feel like home.

The therapists at Invigorate Life Counseling possess complimentary skills, clinical expertise, and regularly collaborate in order to create the best experience and outcomes for the clients they serve.


Invigorate Life Counseling, pllc is a community of therapists who work with individuals, couples, and families. We work together to encourage and assist in life’s challenges and changes. We have an eclectic variety of therapists with different expertise, training, and specialties. Together these skills and collaborations offer our clients the best possible therapeutic services. Feel free to browse each of Invigorate Life Counseling’s therapist’s profiles to learn more about their areas of focus and specialties.

Three specialties that Invigorate Life offers are Art Therapy, Play Therapy, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR).

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1154 Grand Ave Suite #2, St. Paul MN 55105

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Invigorate Life Counseling


1154 Grand Ave #2, St Paul, MN 55105, USA