Here are the latest opportunities and updates for GABA members:

1. What’s Happening on the Avenue Weekly Blog

2. Paws on Grand September 12

3. Guest Blog Posts 

4. Anniversary or Special Event Promotion

Read on for the particulars…

What’s Happening on the Avenue

If you have an event or sale you would GABA like to promote, now’s the time! We are testing the idea of having a weekly blog post that we will promote through social media that will feature ‘What’s Happening on the Avenue’. To participate in this, you can click here or you can find the form under the MEMBERS dropdown menu on this site.

Paws on Grand September 12

The form to complete to participate in this year’s Paws on Grand is now live. You can find it here. We will be creating a digital program this year to keep costs down and still make information accessible to the public.

If you participate your business will be featured in the program.

We will also be promoting as many participating businesses as is reasonable on Facebook and through our website. Additionally, we are looking for sponsors for the event. If you would like a copy of the event sponsorship packet, please email Nelson Fox at nelsonf@grandave.com.

Guest Blog Posts

We are continuing to have our member businesses write articles that have been informative to the Twin Cities community, and highlighted the expertise of our members. A great example is this post we recently put up that was written by Carolyn Dyrdahl of Marketing Connection (which we encourage all of you to read, it has great information to improve your businesses!).

At this time we are open to any manner of topics that are relevant to Twin Cities residents.

This is a particularly great opportunity for our service based members to really show off their knowledge.

If you would like to participate, please shoot an email to nelsonf@grandave.com.

Anniversary or Special Event

Now that we have had a few successful promotions of business anniversaries, we are looking forward to continuing to promote anniversary events for member businesses. If you are doing something special to celebrate your business’s anniversary or any other momentous occassion, email nelsonf@grandave.com for a consultation on how we can promote your business’s event.