Here are the latest opportunities and updates for GABA members:

1. July 9 & 10 Blood Drive

2. Paws on Grand September 12

3. Grand Old Day 2021

4. Guest Blog Posts

5. Group Buy for Villager Ad 


Read on for the particulars…

July 9 & 10 Blood Drive

If you would like to promote your business through our social media and include a coupon or small item for the goodie bag for the July 9 & 10 blood drive, please email me at nelsonf@grandave.com. For goodies, be prepared to have 104 of whatever you want included. We need these in the next few days. Additionally, if you would like to promote the event with your own exclusive graphic, send me an email and I’ll design one for you.

Paws on Grand September 12

We are still moving forward with Paws on Grand, however we are moving the date forward to September 12. If you are interested in participating our helping with the organization of the event, please contact Events Committee Chair, Brian Wagner at bawagner@cbburnet.com to learn more.

Grand Old Day 2021

We have begun the planning process for the 47th Annual Grand Old Day!

We want all our members to participate next year, and showcase what makes Grand Avenue unique. Peter Kenefik of Dixie’s on Grand/Saji-Ya/Emmett’s Public House is the Chair of the Grand Old Day committee. If you are interested in volunteering, contact him at peter.kenefik@ubs.com or me at nelsonf@grandave.com.


We are looking for four business owners who will act as zone captains to help organize and keep the interests of the different areas of Grand Avenue accounted for. The four zones are:





If you are interested, please contact Peter Kenefik.

Guest Blog Posts

We have starting having some of our member businesses write articles that have been informative to the Twin Cities community, and highlighted the expertise of our members. A great example is this post we recently put up that was written by Carolyn Dyrdahl of Marketing Connection (which we encourage all of you to read, it has great information to improve your businesses!).

At this time we are asking for articles that are timely to summer or how to get through this pandemic, which are our audiences really want to read about! 

This is a particularly great opportunity for our service based members to really show off their knowledge.

If you would like to participate, please shoot an email to nelsonf@grandave.com.

Group Buy for Villager Ad

Dawn Huffman of Grand Ole Creamery is buying monthly ad space in the Villager, where she will be putting out an ad showing the hours, and methods of doing business with your customers for approximately $100 per ad. Normally, to purchase an ad in the Villager of comparable size, it costs $1500. By coming together we’re able to get a large presence for a fraction of the cost (and a special discount only available to GABA). If you have questions about the ad, you can contact her at dawnhuffmangoc@gmail.com. The next ad will be published July 22nd with July 18th being the due date of information.  If you would like to be part of these ads, please fill out the form below: 

Fill out my online form.