We have a LOT of opportunities for our members this June:

1. Social Media & Website Posts updating the community on your business status.

2. Guest Blog Posting

3. Welcome Back Signage

4. Financing options for paint to spruce up your business

5. Group discount ad buying in the Villager

 Read on for the particulars…

Business Operating Status

We will be updating and promoting information on the status of all member businesses and how customers can contact them. Fill out this form to be included in the marketing push.

Fill out my online form.

Guest Blog Posts

We are opening up grandave.com to our member businesses to write articles that will be informative to the Twin Cities community, and highlight the expertise of our members. A great example is this post we recently put up that was written by Steve Johnson of Bank Cherokee.

At this time we are asking for articles that are timely to summer or how to get through this pandemic. In the fall we will be posting more general articles. A great example of the Fall series is a post such as the one Andy Fein of Fein Violins wrote (we are happy to take blog articles you’ve already written!) which we already have scheduled in October to be released on this website.

This is a particularly great opportunity for our service based members to really show off their knowledge.

If you would like to participate, please shoot an email to nelsonf@grandave.com.

Welcome Back Signage

One of our members, Generate360 is providing a service for members, see below for details. You can download the free Facebook image here and the Instagram image here. The pricing sheet can be downloaded here.

Abbott Paint Offering Financing Options for Member Businesses 

Abbott Paint is doing their part to support the businesses on the Avenue. They wanted to share this message and offer with the members:

Abbott’s is here to help our fellow small businesses on the Avenue.

If now is the right time to spruce up your store, Abbott is here to help.
Whether it is paint, flooring or window treatments we will assist you in getting
this done.

We will also want to help in spreading out your payment. We know cash is tight
right now but it might be the ideal time to make some improvements to your
store or restaurant.

You make the initial deposit on your project, and we will finance the remaining
balance interest free for 24 months. After that, you simply make monthly
payments when you are back up and running with no interest. We can also help
you find a contractor if your project requires additional labor.

We know how tough things are right now, let’s support each other and get
through this unique and difficult time together, looking and feeling beautiful.
Contact us online at www.abbottpaint.com, or give us a call at 651-698-5518 we’ll
help however we can!

Kevin, Steve, Dave and Tim Abbott

Group Buy for Villager Ad

We are buying monthly ad space in the Villager, where we will be putting out an ad showing the hours, and methods of doing business with your customers for $100 per ad. Normally, to purchase an ad in the Villager of comparable size, it costs $1500. By coming together we’re able to get a large presence for a fraction of the cost. If you would like to be part of these ads, please fill out the form below: 

Fill out my online form.